May 2019 show: an opening completed and enjoyed

Opening reception for my May show

long shot main wall.jpg

Main wall


I had a great opening reception on Friday, May 3rd for my show. Thank you to everyone who came; you made it special and successful! It was particularly meaningful to me to begin my return to the art world in my hometown - here was the place I used to stay up til 1:00am drawing, here was the place I doodled in all my math and science classes, nursing my self esteem after lectures that didn’t make sense to me and grades that were quite different from my usual A’s! Here was the place where art was the constant in my life, where I decided that’s what I’d pursue in college. And while I stuck with art through my college years and eventually got a pretty steady freelance career going, during that time I also lost someone, and lost my desire to do art for a very long time. I finally did my first big piece after years of not doing anything, and I like to think this piece - a large, vivid, portrait of a goddess - inspired the ones hanging in my show this month. She was the catalyst and a much needed muse to bring my art back to life. I sort of imagine that she’s watching over my pieces that are hanging at the gallery, and that she, too, understands how much it means to bring my art back to my hometown.

My show will be up the whole month of May in downtown Lodi.

Dragon table.jpg

A dragon to guard the art!

(And the business cards…)


My artistic muse

Who knows, maybe she’ll be in my next show…


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