Featured Artist in May!

I’m looking forward to showing my work next month at the Community Art Center. I’ll be the featured artist for the month of May, which means I get to cover the walls in my art! Half of my pieces are framed and ready to be wired for hanging, and I’m on my way to frame shop for the rest next weekend. There’s still so much to do: frame the rest of my work, polish up my artist statement, print and mount labels for all the pieces, purchase appetizers and drinks…

My tendency is to stress over the planning of an event rather than look forward to its success or sit back and reflect on how much progress I’ve made, so I generally have to remind myself to take a moment and be proud.

This show is a culmination of pieces I’ve created over many years. They all fall under a theme that I find myself returning to again and again: what is the self? What sides of us do we allow others to see, and why? What masks do we wear to protect ourselves, and at what point do those masks become a part of us? When we finally do the work to delve beneath those facades, is what we find stronger or weaker for all that protection?

I think these are questions a lot of us have, and I’ve enjoyed navigating them through these pieces.

When I am Still I See Myself.jpg

“When I Am Still I See Myself”

Rainbow Women.jpg

“Rainbow Women”