Spring Projects!

Spring has definitely been in the air the past few days, what with the birds chattering to each other on our back porch and the wild mustard blooming in the fields out by the grapevines. I’ve been feeling the urge to clean, brighten, and create - or sometimes, to just daydream in the sun. All this spring-y energy and warm weather has made me want to start new art projects and send my art (old and new) out into the world. Luckily, May is my month to be the featured artist at the Community Art Center. Among others, I’ll be showing my mixed media piece “When I Am Still I See Myself.” This will be the piece’s first time in a show, actually, so I am excited to see it hanging up at the Art Center in May.

Thank You 2018

It’s been a great year for art!

2018 was full of choices and changes for me. I ended a career (which I had fallen into and was never passionate about) and I moved back to my hometown to focus more on my art - a choice and a change I’ve been happier about every day. I joined the local gallery, started participating in shows and art events, and began really honing my shop at Zazzle. I took on an ambitious freelance project to increase my name recognition and expand my portfolio. I started my own website, a project I’ve wanted to complete for years now, and here we are!

All in all, 2018 has been well worth the trip, and I’m looking forward to creating more in 2019.

“Holly Jolly Christmas Tree Mug” available in my  Zazzle shop

“Holly Jolly Christmas Tree Mug” available in my Zazzle shop